Our visit to the CNIB Canine
Campus in Ontario
Experiencing Advanced Technology
Training Room for Habilitas Foundation
(Formerly MAB-MACKAY)
Sledge Hockey equipment
for 2018 Paralympic team
Donation of Tobii Dynavox
for MAB-MACKAY Centre
Meeting with Chantal Petitclerc,
Canadian Senator & wheelchair racer
Donation of bicycles to Centre
jeunesse de Montréal
New instruments
for Dans La Rue


Working in partnership with a variety of Canadian organizations, the Adler & Lipkus Foundation is dedicated to making a difference by improving the lives of individuals at risk and of those with disabilities.

Our goal is to provide concrete assistance, thus inspiring hope.


We have always felt that we are very fortunate. Volunteering, charity work, and helping others have been an important part of our families’ history over the years. We wanted to do something that would make a difference, and so in 2014 we decided to set up the Adler & Lipkus Foundation.

Our goal was to support initiatives and organizations that would target our funds for specific programs and activities, as opposed to donating into the proverbial “pot”. But how does one go about finding just the right places to partner with?

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