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United Hatzalah, Israel

We have a long-standing partnership with United Hatzalah in Israel: a volunteer emergency medical service which provides first-response medical treatment in Israel and around the world.

Our gifts have enabled them to purchase vehicles that are specially equipped with all the medical supplies and devices that an ambulance carries: such vehicles as ambucycles, an ambucar, ebikes and a minicar. The smaller vehicles can circumvent traffic during medical emergencies and allow a trained first responder, paramedic, or doctor, to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible. Their response time is less than three minutes, and they respond to any medical emergency 24/7/365.

We have also committed to a three-year project for the building of a volunteer house. This place will be used for the training and gathering of medics and volunteers, as well as for community education. It will contain a full inventory of supplies which the volunteers can use to restock their vehicles as needed.

When Russia declared war on Ukraine, United Hatzalah established “Operation Orange Wings”. Charter flights arrived in Ukraine to provide volunteers and medical equipment. Refugees were supported, evacuated, and flown to Israel. We were proud to join them in support of this important humanitarian effort.