Since the Adler & Lipkus Foundation started in 2014, we have formed partnerships with 17 different organizations. We are unique in that we are the ones who seek out these partnerships by contacting and meeting with their directors, CEOs, fundraisers, and those responsible for corporate sponsorships. Our main goal is to finance concrete items, programs and services. The diverse populations that we have thus far been able to assist include:

  • Children with special needs, visual or motor impairments
  • Women and their families who are affected by conjugal violence
  • Canadian Paralympic athletes
  • Recreational opportunities and equipment for children and youth in need
  • Seniors
  • Families with cancer
  • Homeless youth and adults at risk

Please take some time to read about our partners and see what we have done together.

Projection Week (New Partner)
Sponsored by McGill University’s Council on Palliative Care


In October 2019, a series of community events and experiences gave individuals and communities the opportunity to begin discussions about life, death, and end-of-life issues. Over 50 organizations throughout Montreal participated in this event. The Adler & Lipkus Foundation helped to sponsor this event.

Auberge Shalom


Our donation was directed to Auberge Shalom’s discretionary fund, which allowed some children to attend summer camp. In addition, we supported their resiliency program, which includes counselling for mothers, parenting support groups, outreach and education.


We formed a partnership in 2016 with Auberge Shalom pour femmes (ASPF), a center for women and their children who are affected by conjugal violence. Our donation supported the Children and Youth Services Program, an innovative program that offers free, bilingual, long-term support to children and mothers who are looking to heal from the effects of an abusive relationship. The program provides multiple outlets for children to express themselves through a variety of media, including play and art, in addition to talk-therapy. The use of art helps to create a positive and nurturing environment for children between the ages of 5 to late adolescence who have been exposed to conjugal violence. The Adler & Lipkus Foundation is proud to be able to make some small difference in the lives of these families.

Canadian Paralympic Association


We continue to support the Next Generation of Para athletes. This year, we put our donation towards three Paralympic sports, thus making it possible for even more Canadians with a disability to reach their potential in sport.

  1. Para Canoeing: a new boat was purchased to upgrade to the most current model.
  2. Wheelchair Tennis: Upgrade of tennis chairs and coaching fees.
  3. Para Swimming: Our donation went to purchase “Gymaware Travel Tool” and “Smart Paddle Power Meter.” These tools are used to develop the athlete’s strokes.


With our donation this year, the Canadian Para-Cycling team was able to purchase four sets of elite Comete racing wheels. These state-of-the-art competition level wheels have been supplied to our national team. One recipient, Keely Shaw, placed 5th in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. She also earned a silver medal at the Para Road World Cup in the Netherlands.  An added bonus to this gift is that the government of Canada matched our funding therefore doubling the impact of our gift.


We are proud to support our Canadian Paralympic athletes. Niva Shrestha, Senior Coordinator of Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising has always guided us as to where our funds would be most needed. In 2016 we purchased two specially adapted wheelchairs for two athletes who competed in the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics games: Zak Madell, who is ranked as one of the top wheelchair rugby players in the world, and Jason Roberts a leader in shotput, discus and javelin. Both athletes have brought gold, silver, and bronze metals proudly back to Canada over the years.

This year (2017), we are honoured to assist Canada’s National Sledge Hockey team in their quest for a gold medal in Pyeong Chang, South Korea in the 2018 Paralympic games. Sledge hockey is the Paralympic sport version of ice hockey. All players have a lower-body disability and are strapped to a specially designed two-bladed sled. The funds from the Adler & Lipkus Foundation have outfitted these sleds for our Canadian team.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart


In 2005, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities was launched to address an issue of national concern: the inactivity of kids. Jumpstart helps kids in financial need participate in organized sports and physical activities by assisting with the costs associated with registration, equipment and/or transportation.

After hearing about this organization, we decided to become involved and see how we could help. We worked with the Quebec Regional Director, Anitra Bostock who identified the communities who were either at risk or in need.

Over the years, we have donated bikes and skates to two local “centres des jeuneusses”. These are facilities that house children who are alone and have no parents either as a result of abandonment, abuse or death.

We worked on Project Velotheque for the city of Lachute, Quebec. We provided 29 bikes and helmets for kids aged 10-17. They were given to the community so that children who have no bikes would be able to borrow one, in much the same way as they might go to the library to get a book. We were invited to launch this project in the summer of 2016.

Canadian Wildlife Federation


In December 2016, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) announced it was changing the monarch butterfly’s status from special concern to endangered. The Canadian Wildlife Federation believes that large-scale habitat restoration is imperative for avoiding extinction of this species. Our contribution this year was directed to the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Restoration project.


We continue to support CWF with their wildlife education and conservation initiatives.


The Adler & Lipkus Foundation is very mindful of protecting and preserving the animals on our planet and we will continue to donate to this worthy cause.



We have supported this worthy organization in its mission to fight poverty and social exclusion. Centraide’s mission is to bring about significant change for youth and families and in doing so, build caring communities.



Our foundation will continue to support the braille literacy project. In 2019, 140 books with numerous copies have been translated. These books have been distributed to BC, AB, SASK, ON and to the Atlantic provinces. For the first time, some French books are now being distributed in Quebec.

Our donation was also used to expand upon the “TD Grade One Book Giveaway Project” by providing a box of braille books to school libraries where children with sight loss attend.

This program will ensure that a braille-formatted book is provided to each child in need. The child then has easy access to enjoy additional titles within their school.


In early 2018 the CNIB literacy department initiated a new print braille project targeted to pre-school age children. This soon became The Adler & Lipkus Braille Project. Parents reported that they could wait up to 3 months for a selected braille book to arrive at their local library and with that in mind, we agreed to sponsor an assortment of high quality children’s books to be translated into braille. The books were distributed from coast to coast, based on greatest assessed needs to include Newfoundland, Ontario, Saskatchewan and B.C. Children up to the age of 10 have benefited from these books.


In our quest to reach out to any population in need of financial assistance, we contacted Janet Whitney, the National Manager of Corporate Partnerships & Foundations in Toronto We worked together to determine how our donation could provide something concrete to those who are visually impaired.

The following products were identified and subsequently donated to the CNIB by the Adler & Lipkus Foundation:

  • 60 Early READASAURUS literacy kits for children. The materials in these kits explain how to introduce reading to children with vision loss, and includes audio books on CDs, tactile exercises, games and stickers, a braille ruler, magnifier and glow-in-the-dark braille wrist bands.
  • 4 Mini-Lite Boxes, which help children develop awareness of light, color, and objects.
  • 2 fully loaded IPads with specialized programs and applications.
  • 10 special IPads for a new initiative called the Community Hub program, an innovative, accessible space where community members with sight loss can come for social and emotional support, learn new skills and thrive in an engaging space. It is a pilot project that launched in June 2017 and delivers a wide array of quality-of-life programs in major cities across Canada.

Cummings Centre


The Adler & Lipkus Compassionate Fund for vulnerable seniors continues to help those low-income seniors with items or services that are unaffordable to them.  This year, these funds assisted with dental work, hearing aids, cleaning service for clients with a disability, orthotic shoes, glasses, ostomy supplies, and emergency Lifelines.

Additionally, we contributed to their pet therapy program for mental health clients.


Once again, our donation was put into the Adler & Lipkus Compassionate fund for Vulnerable Seniors. In 2018, the fund was used to provide emergency dental treatments, orthotics, dentures, medications, hearing aids, and glasses. In addition, the Centre was able to install an emergency alarm in the handicapped washroom.


After searching for just the right organization to assist the Montreal senior population, we finally formed a partnership with the Cummings Centre. In collaboration with the Executive Director, Pauline Grunberg and the Foundation Director, Cathy Simons, we set up a compassionate fund to assist vulnerable seniors. The money in this fund has paid for medication (not covered by the government), emergency dental treatment, hearing aids, glasses and dentures. These concrete necessities have improved the quality of life for these men and women.

In order to protect older adults from sustaining elevator-related injuries, we were able to finance the cost of sensors that were installed in the Centre’s elevator. As a result, the seniors are able to enter the elevator at their leisure without worrying that the doors might close too quickly, thus causing bodily harm.

Dans la Rue


This year, we continue to support the DLR music program: a program that is used by many youth every day. Our contribution helped to develop the music room and to purchase new classical instrument which included a cello, 2 trumpets, 2 clarinets one trombone, drum cymbals, amplifier and studio monitors. This unique program provides therapy and the participants are learning an instrument, forming a band and playing together.  Also, “Ted & Sandy’s Store” distributed 53 winter parkas (double last year’s quantity) and 150 pair of winter boots.


We are proud to welcome Dans la Rue as a new partner this year. This organization responds to the needs of homeless youth and youth at risk.

Part of our donation was used to set up “Ted and Sandy’s Store” which distributed winter coats and boots to a number of young men and women during the cold winter months. We also made a three-year financial commitment to upgrade and enhance their music program. The music therapist presented us with a wish list and with out gift the Centre has been able to purchase instruments and sound equipment for their music program.

Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre


Donald Berman Maimonides is committed to providing professional, compassionate care for aging members of the community who are no longer able to function independently. Their Women’s Auxiliary supports this mission by funding programs and services that touch the lives of these residents. We contributed to their “Sunshine Fund” in an effort to assist with specific concrete needs as identified by their professional staff (i.e. dental work and clothing).

Many of the more vulnerable seniors have been able to enjoy a better quality of living due to the generosity of the Sunshine Fund.

Generations Foundation


Our donation to the Generations Foundation assisted in fulfilling its mission, which is “To develop and administer programs which will help to improve the quality of life for persons of all ages.” Given the unacceptable level of child poverty in Montreal, its initial focus is on children by providing in- school meals and programs and sponsoring children for summer camp.

Hope & Cope


Our support of Hope & Cope and their en famille program is an ongoing commitment of the Adler & Lipkus foundation. This year, we were proud to sponsor two additional publications on talking to children about cancer.

  1. Talking to Children about Advanced Cancer and End of Life
  2. Talking to Children About the Loss of a Loved One.

A trifold binder was also created which will hold the series of three books (one which was sponsored last year). This will be given to the professionals as a resource to help their patients find ways to talk to their children about these difficult topics.


We continue to support their en famille program, which offers programs and services to patients with children under the age of 18.  In addition, this year, part of our donation was directed to the production of a bilingual publication called

“ Talking to Children About Cancer: A Guide for Families and Care Providers”. 

This resource has been used not only by the Hope & Cope team but by other hospital professional staff as well. A copy can be downloaded from their website at https://www.hopeandcope.ca/young-adults-young-families/en-famille/


Hope & Cope has been dear to our hearts for many years. We continue to support its en famille program, which is geared towards the needs of young families coping with cancer.

Our donation has helped to fund such requests as medical supplies and medications, resource kits on how to explain cancer to children, home-cooked meals, grocery coupons, a bilingual book library, and school supplies. The program also assists patients in getting to and from the hospital by providing taxi tickets or bus passes for patients when necessary.

We have also been able to assist in programs and events such as children’s workshops, parent activities and the annual family BBQ.

Over the past 6 years, the Hope & Cope en famille program has helped more than 600 young cancer patients and their families.

Habilitas Foundation (Formerly MAB-Mackay)


Our donation this year supported an Advanced Technology Training Room for the visually impaired, a room with devices and technology which will allow the visually impaired to carry out routine tasks at work, school and home. Screen-reading software, Braille devices and touch screens allow these individuals to use computers, cell phones and other electronic devices independently, thus facilitating reading their mail, writing documents, browsing the internet, and getting step-by-step walking directions to unfamiliar places. These smart devices can be customized and paired with voice recognition  (IE Google Home and Chromecast). Up-to-date technology can now be accessible to those with mobility or sensory challenges.


It has always been our pleasure to work with MAB-MacKay centre and this year was no exception. A new project was presented to us and that was to sponsor a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program using Smart Room Technology. The use of Smart board technology in group sessions teaches communication strategies with one’s family, friends and work colleagues. In order to do this, the Centre needed an upgrade of sound-field systems, FM (personal amplification) towers, transmitter microphones and receivers. Our gift was able to make this possible.


In 2017 we began a partnership with the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre. After visiting the Centre and meeting with the staff and students, we saw the need for a particular piece of equipment known as the Tobii Dynavox

This innovative state-of-the-art computer technology helps children who are non-verbal (as a result of cerebral palsy or other motor impairments) gain the ability to communicate and engage with their families and the world around them. The pioneering eye-tracking technology and speech-generating ability will give these children a voice, resulting in increased opportunities for socialization, integration, and enhanced quality of life. We were happy to donate the first one for use at their Centre.

NOVA Montréal


NOVA Montréal is a non-profit charitable organization that offers health care services to the Montreal community, free of charge. It is dedicated to providing compassionate, high quality, personalized, in-home care to people who are ill or nearing the end of life and the families who support them. Nova also provides desperately needed in-home respite for parents coping with the challenges of raising chronically ill or disabled pre-school aged children.

This is the first organization that the Adler & Lipkus Foundation supported when we were established in 2015.

Old Brewery Mission


In June 2016, we visited the Old Brewery Mission, a shelter for men and women living on the streets. We met with Kim Nguyen, the Mission’s Director of Development and Annual Gifts. After our tour and discussions with some of the other staff and clients it was identified that new mattresses were needed. We agreed to donate 70 mattresses for the main residence. The spread of infection is always a concern with so many people coming in and out on a daily basis, therefore we decided to finance the cost of hand sanitizers which were installed throughout the mission.

Salvation Army


Our gift this year was able to help many children and we sponsored two projects.

  1. Back to School event: 700 school bags filled with supplies were handed out to children from low-income families in the Greater Montreal area.
  2. Summer camp l’Achigan: More than 250 youth were able to attend this week-long summer camp and the foundation helped to subsidize these families


There is no organization that can more readily mobilize itself where and when the need is greatest than the Salvation Army. They are present in 400 communities across Canada and more than 130 countries around the world, offering services in 175 different languages. The Adler & Lipkus Foundation is proud to be affiliated with such an organization. For the third year in a row, along with our grandchildren, we assisted with the distribution of back-to-school backpacks. We also continue our support of sending children to the Salvation Army summer camp.


Our partnership with the Salvation Army started three years ago, in 2015 and we continue to find new and exciting ventures within the organization to financially support. We meet regularly with Karimé Issa, the Fundraising Officer. Each year she identifies new projects with which we can become involved. To date, we have supported the following:

  1. The sponsorship of children for their summer camp at Lac l’Achigan, Quebec. The Salvation Army works with many social service agencies in Quebec to identify children who would benefit from this unique camp experience. In addition to sending these children to camp we have donated 80 sweatshirts for a teen leadership program, and sleeping bags and hygiene bags (toiletries, towels, sunscreen etc.) that are distributed to the children when they arrive at camp.
  2. The donation and distribution of backpacks filled with school supplies to excited children getting ready for the school year. Once again, the Salvation Army works with the social service agencies to identify children who would benefit from receiving these backpacks.
  3. The establishment of the Adler & Lipkus Compassionate Fund at Manoir Montclair, the Salvation Army Seniors Residence. This fund assists with the immediate needs of its population.

United Hatzalah


In honour and celebration of two of our grandsons’ Bar Mitzvahs, we purchased two ambu-E-Bikes. They are now being used in Israel and have been saving lives.


This year, the foundation purchased three ambu E-bikes in honour of our brother Sid Adler’s 90th birthday. These electric bicycles are equipped with emergency life-saving medical equipment and have the additional advantage of reaching people in hard to access areas.


When we heard about United Hatzalah and had the opportunity to meet with its president, Elli Beer, we knew that this was one organization we wanted as a partner. Using specially equipped motorcycle ambulances, United Hatzalah’s network of close to 4000 volunteer medics help save thousands of lives each year across Israel by providing emergency medical treatment in an average response time of 3 minutes or less.

We are proud to support United Hatzalah in its efforts to save lives in Israel. To date, we have donated the following:

  • 2 ambucycles (fully equipped motorcycles with life-saving equipment aboard).
  • A fully equipped medical “Ambucar”: a medical vehicle providing critical emergency response all over Israel.
  • The sponsorship of a team of ten volunteer paramedics. In doing this, Hatzalah is able to continue to train and equip more volunteer medics, paramedics and physicians with the goal of increasing its network of volunteers across Israel, and in doing so more lives will be saved.

These donations were made in memory of Ted’s brother Eli Adler, our beloved parents Leah and Meyer Adler, and Rose and Isadore Lipkus, and lovingly in honour of our 14 grandchildren.

We are proud to continue to support this most worthy organization and plan to visit the command centre in Israel very soon.

Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies


We were happy to support the Simon Wiesenthal center in its mission to confront anti-Semitism. The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a global human rights organization researching the Holocaust and hate in a historic and contemporary context. The Center promotes human rights and dignity, stands with Israel, defends the safety of Jews worldwide, and teaches the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations.

YCC Tikvah Summer Camp (special needs family camp)


This year, in addition to sponsoring over 20 families for the family camp experience, our donation allowed for the hiring of a professional staff of experts and animators to enrich the camp.

This included a music therapist, professional paramedic, art specialist, professional photographer and specialists to run a rock-climbing event.
In addition, they were able to augment their lifeguarding staff to a more mature, experienced, and engaging staff who guarded as well as worked directly with participants. Our gift also helped to sponsor a professional panel for parents, which included a behaviourist, sexologist, PHD from McGill, and a Family Doctor.


This 4-day camp, held in mid-August, provides children with developmental disorders and/or special learning disorders, their parents, and their siblings with the unique opportunity to experience the magic of summer camp in a warm, welcoming environment. This is the only camp of its kind in Canada. It has been our privilege to continue sponsoring families to attend this program.


We know first-hand how difficult it is for a family to care for a child with a mental-health or physical disability. When we heard about Camp Tikvah at the YM-YWHA, we knew that we needed to become involved. After learning about what the camp does and how many families could not afford this experience we were honoured to sponsor some families to attend the summer camp in Huberdeau, Quebec. This program offers an exceptional variety of activities and programs for children with special needs and their families.

The incredible team of qualified staff and volunteers includes therapists, creative and physical art specialists and a medical team. The children participate in a variety of activities including horseback riding, swimming, and boating. We feel privileged to be able to help these families have an amazing summer experience.